Traveling gave me not only new impressions, but also a completely different way of thinking and the focus on the important thinks.

Especially when you on adventures, superfluous things are most annoying. The focus is on experiencing something new. During six-month journey in a car I had to reduce my everyday items to the bare essentials due to the limited space available. And that's exactly when I noticed that you don't need much, to experience and, above all, to live. Suddenly make-up, face lotions, my previously beloved hair straightener have become superfluous and even annoying.

"... and then I realized that adventure was the best way to


Owning many things that you think you really need is an incentive to lose focus on the important things. I differentiate between passive and active things that are unnecessary. Passive things are for example the dress you once bought on holiday and have been hanging in a closet with a price tag for years. In contrast, active things are things that you use in everyday life, but don't necessarily need. The origin lies mostly in the daily routines. The dangerous thing is that the sum of all this takes up a lot of time. Examples are smoking, the perfect make-up, the smartphone, etc.

How to realize unnecessary things in your life

You don't necessarily have to travel 6 months in a car before you know what you don't need. There are also good methods and approaches.


To get rid of the passive unnecessary things, of course all your stuff has to be mucked out first. It's not as easy as some people think. Often we think that we will need them again sometime. Also, some things have emotional experiences or memories of people. Then certain order strategies like Dan-Sha-Ri help. Dan-Sha-Ri comes from Japan. The basic idea is to unclutter life and to release the soul.


For the active unnecessary things you have to consider that it does not work overnight. A first step would be to go through everyday life or even individual daily situations: What do I do step by step? Which items do I use? It is important to link the steps with the items. Priorities have to be also distributed for each item. Once you have recorded this, you can start by trying to eliminate things. The things with the lowest priority should be selected first. Since man is a creature of habit, a fixed time window is also an important point. Over time, an ease will arise in some everyday situations.


The ballast of the sum of all unnecessary things in our lives can cost us a lot of time, eclipse the essential and even make us unhappy. It is therefore even more important for us to take the time in our lives to muck out.

...and if you still want to explore something new, find yourself or simply get involved in an adventure, traveling is in my opinion one of the best alternatives. But remember: it is easier to travel with light luggage!

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